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Our Beef

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At Grazing Acres we think it is important to know where your meat comes from and how it is raised. With our meat, you know that it was raised local, and raised the ol' fashioned way. There are no antibiotics, no growth hormones, only happy animals raised the natural way. All meat is processed at either a State-Inspected or USDA-Inspected, family owned facilities by people we know and trust. If we wouldn't put it on our table, we won't put it on yours.

We pride ourselves on the quality of care our animals receive. These animals are loved and cared for by familiar faces every day. When needed, we bottle raise the calves by hand, ensuring they receive all the loving care necessary. Our cattle come when called and even have names! They're fed a diet formulated by a professional nutritionist and supplemented with fruits and vegetables so fresh we could eat right along side the cattle.

To see what we have available, check our Prices & Availability page!

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