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Our Buffalo

Buffalo meat is a healthy, delicious alternative to conventional meats. It is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, chicken, fish, and turkey. Due to the low fat content, you get much more edible and filling meat with buffalo. Additionally, bison is the only non-allergenic meat currently on the market. Bison can be used as an alternative in any recipe that calls for beef, with a subtle change in taste that is not gamey or wild. According to the Minnesota Buffalo Association, buffalo are the only mammals that do not contract cancer and were the main diet of Native Americans. History shows us that Native Americans did not contract cancer, did not have heart disease, and lived exceptionally long lives.

Our buffalo is pasture raised and grain finished and has the same delicious taste and delectable tenderness as all of our meat. We cannot emphasize enough how delicious and healthy buffalo meat truly is. Buffalo meat is great for dieters or anyone wanting to live a more natural lifestyle.

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Health Information

According to Readers Digest (July 2001), buffalo meat is one of the "5 Foods Women Need Most" because of the high iron and low fat content. Mens Fitness July 2000 states that buffalo meat is "...pure, low-fat protein". Marty Marchella, Ph.D. of North Dakota State University says that buffalo meat can boost energy and lower weight. Ask anyone who eats buffalo meat on a regular basis and they will tell you it is the best meat they have ever tasted!

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