Buying beef from Grazing Acres is simple and easy. Meat can be purchased in quarter, half, or whole animals. Our State Licensed and State Inspected processor will work with you to customize your order based on your needs.

Quarters, halves, and whole beef cost $2.75 per pound hanging weight plus a processing fee of $.83 per pound hanging weight. 

If storage space is an issue, we do offer smaller quantities. Ground beef is available in one pound quantities for $4.99/pound, or $4.75/# for quantities larger than 20 pounds. Steaks, roasts and other specialty cuts are also available; please call, email or FB message for details.

We accept cash or check as payment. 


Please visit the Contact Us page to inquire about availability. We request that calls be made ahead of time before stopping at the farm to pick up meat. We want to make sure we are there to greet you!